What Is Torta Al Testo?

Torta al Testo is an Umbrian flat bread that you will often find served as part of a mixed antipasti. In some places, for example, the Umbrian town of Gubbio, it is known as Cascia.

How Is Torta Al Testo Served?

It is cooked in an oven on a round hot stone (the testo) and  served sliced like pizza but split down the middle and filled, usually filled with a combination of either ham, sausage, vegetables and cheese.

Torta al Testo, Umbrian flat bread

Torta al Testo, Umbrian flat bread

Where Do You Buy It?

Some Umbrian food places specialise in torta al testo, I stopped at a restaurant, Faliero Torta della Maria, which is located on the south east corner of Lake Trasimeno. This restaurant ideal for a quick lunch (although some reviews suggest it can take a while if it’s busy). You can also find it in supermarkets and make your own version at home

Torta Al Testo: Umbrian Fast Food

If you need something to eat and are in a hurry I recommend you try a slice of torts al testo, it also makes a great alternative to the standard unsalted bread that is usually served in Umbria and Tuscany.