Citta di Castello Antiques Market

On the third Sunday of every month the Umbrian town of Citta di Castello hosts an antique market. Citta di Castello is sometimes (and in my opinion unfairly) dismissed by guidebook writers in a few lines. It has a lovely centro storico with lots of good restaurants and a lively atmosphere, particularly when the antiques market is on. If you are staying on the Tuscany Umbria border at the time of the market it makes for a very pleasant Sunday outing. The last couple of times that I have been I have bought old tin trays advertising drinks and a couple of cocktail shakers, one for us and one for our guests at Ca di Bracco.

Several stalls seem to specialise in memorabilia from the fascist era. There seems to be a lot of this stuff around, amongst other items you can find tacky busts of Mussolini or shiny porcelain statuettes of girls in fascist uniforms, there must still be a lot of  collectors. For those of us not dedicated to the fascist cause, it is still quite interesting to look at collectables from this era, totalitarianism and horrifically kitsch items seem to complement each other.

For the ordinary visitor there are also plenty of other items for sale, I bought a vintage Borsolino hat from one of the clothing stalls, an impulse buy that I am still very pleased with.