Trattoria Dardano

Whilst in Cortona celebrating my sister’s birthday we went to Trattoria Dardano for lunch before going on my Cortona WalkTrattoria Dardano is located about halfway along via Dardano, a road that runs north and gently uphill from Cortona’s main square, piazza della Repubblica. The portions here are generous so we decided to share an antipasto between four for starters, this was a selection of crostini and cured meats.

What We Ate

On my advice, my niece Tabby had gnocchi with tomato sauce, this was the first time she had eaten them but I don’t think it’ll be the last! I shared a generous plate of penne cooked in a super tasty sauce of bacon, tomato and cream with my sister. My brother in law went for a fillet steak with porcini mushrooms served with chips. The others managed to find room for dessert and even a grappa but, as the driver in the group I skipped both of these! The meal cost around €75 for one antipasto, two primi, two secondi (accompanied by side dishes), dessert, wine, water and grappa, nearly twenty euros of this was the fillet steak but it’s possible to choose cheaper items on the menu. I can definitely recommend eating at Trattoria Dardano, our meal was fantastic.