Steve McCurry, Umbria Exhibition

In June we went to the city of Perugia to see a photography exhibition by Steve McCurry who spent some time in Umbria photographing people and places for the exhibition. The photographs are displayed in two of Perugia’s buildings, the Palazzo Penna and an old monastery, L’Ex-Fatebenefratelli. Both buildings are off the beaten track so, unless you already live in the city, you will probably discover some parts of Perugia that you have never seen before.

The village of Castelluccio and the Piano Grande in Umbria photographed by Steve McCurry

Castelluccio and the Piano Grande by Steve McCurry

The photographs are displayed in backlit boxes on the floor in darkened rooms. We loved the exhibition and really enjoyed seeing many of the places we have visited in Umbria, here are a few of the photos re-photographed with my i-phone. The exhibition has now been extended into 2015 so, even if you don’t live here, you may still get to see it.