Pian di Marte Walk 2016

Pian Di Marte Walk, Umbria, Italy In early June 2016 I took a couple of friends on the Pian di Marte Walk, a route from my book, Circular Walks On The Tuscany Umbria Border, available as a Kindle download from Amazon. The Route It's a fairly longRead more

The Battle Of Lake Trasimeno

A Legionnaire at Trasimeno
The Battle Of Lake Trasimeno Lake Trasimeno is entirely within the Italian region of Umbria but, in places, the Tuscan border runs very close to the northern and western shores. There was intense fighting in World War II near the Lake as allied forces pushed the GermansRead more

Lake Trasimeno Bike Ride

Cycling around Lake Trasimeno
Bike Ride Around Lake Trasimeno In May 2012 I cycled the 60 kilometre route around Lake Trasimeno on a beautiful spring day. We set off from Tuoro along unpaved roads and tracks marked with green arrows as the “PCT” or Percorso Ciclabile Trasimeno (Trasimeno Cycling Route) and a smatteringRead more

Lake Trasimeno Image Gallery

Winter sunset on Lake Trasimeno, Umbria
Lake Trasimeno Photos These astounding photos of Lake Trasimeno were taking by a visitor, Patrick Partington, who stayed with us last winter and kindly gave me permission to use his images. Winter sunset on Lake Trasimeno, Umbria Lake Trasimeno is Italy's fourth largest Lake and is aRead more